Day: July 21, 2020

Motorcycle imports during Covid-19

This year’s Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in ways unimaginable just a few months ago. But as the global pandemic does not seem to be going away anytime soon and as governments have been imposing lockdowns and new restrictions in many countries across the world each industry has to try to adapt themselves with the situation and the motorcycle industry is no exception. But what can motorcycle imports do to make themselves more resilient in the coming months as we are all forced to get more comfortable with this “new normal”. As most people have been forced to stay at home to respect social distancing guidelines there have been many challenges especially for motorcycle dealerships and importers. Because less and less people are leaving there houses and riding motorcycles and naturally even less are in any rush to buy a new motorcycle that they may not be able to ride in the next few months. So it is not very difficult to predict that demand for motorcycle imports will also go down. And even something that makes the situation even worse is that it doesn’t seem like many people will be in a rush to leave the safety and comfort of their houses to go and shop for a motorcycle anytime soon. So the demand for

How should motorcycle imports be managed

Naturally as less and less people will be leaving their homes the main concentration and focus of motorcycle dealerships and importers should be on digital sales. Motorcycle dealerships should make sure to be strong in their online presence since the dealership’s website has now become the main battleground among motorcycle dealerships to win against their competitors. All or at least most of the sales that used to happen in-store are now taking place online. So motorcycle dealerships have to be ready to target buyers in the online space and engage with them to understand what they demand in terms of motorcycle imports.

A new trend that motorcycle dealerships can take advantage of

Despite the fact that people leave their homes much less often than before. But interestingly the data shows that actually a new segment of buyers has opened up during the pandemic that were not previous in owning their own vehicle. But since it has become a large hazard to use public transportation, more and more people who would have never previously thought about buying their own car or motorcycle are now looking into buying one.…