Why are classic screen protectors not scratch resistant?



dilemma with ever-expanding Apple iPhone models is known. Lintel damage on your Apple iPhone can range from scratches to complete breaks in the display and is always annoying. In this article, we took a look at the classic protective film for iPhone and presented our opinion on it.


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Normal protective films for Apple iPhone are not scratch resistant

The system of the Mohs hardness scale is well known and easy to understand. Here minerals are classified to ten degrees of hardness. If one material is harder than another, scratches would result in a scratch test. Thus, everyday objects can be assessed in their hardness. Classic protective films for Apple iPhone and other smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy, have a hardness of 3-4H, whereas normal screen protector bulletproof glass comes to a hardness of 5H. Thus, protective films are much softer than traditional glass, which means poorer resultsensures the screen protection of the iPhone. Often, even keys, coins or dust grains, which can be found in every pocket, can cause serious scratches on protective films.


No screen protection when falling

If you let your own Apple iPhone fall out of your hand, the result is often depressing .iPhone owners will know that Apple smartphones are not necessarily the most stable on the market. The glass often breaks even when falling from a low height. A protective film is to some extent to protect the display and holds the glass in a fall something together. A real protection against falls and display breaks is not a protective filmHowever, this protection is important because according to the iPhone Repair Service iDoc, display damage is the most common damage to iPhone and iPad, and by far. Since displays from the iPhone 5 are “glued” into the housing, a repair for private individuals is hardly possible. Apple uses this aspect well and demands, for example, to change the iPhone XS display $342.68.


Applying the protective film

Anyone who has ever purchased an elastic protective film, will know that this is difficult to apply. Often, even with thorough cleaning of the display, some bubbles are created, which are difficult to remove later. This ensures that the feel of the iPhone is then significantly worse. The typical iPhone features, such as Force Touch, can also be affected. In addition, the precision of the touch screen suffers underneath, which can lead to incorrect inputs. Many users also realize that they no longer have a typical “glass feeling” when using the iPhone and find the plastic surface of the protective film unpleasant and unfamiliar.


How do I protect the iPhone display without affecting the feel?

If a plastic film can not reliably protect the iPhone display, what solution is there? The answer is: bulletproof glass for iPhone ! It is usually much more stable than a plastic film, transparent and has a 9H degree of hardness . In addition, a bulletproof glass provides a real “glass feeling” in use.


In fact, it is nearly impossible to get scratches or other damage to the display with the genii bulletproof glass for the iPhone X. Should our bullet break but once, so get a replacement for a small shipping fee i. H. v. 6 euros sent. This lifetime warranty should cast doubts and motivate prospects to buy in our shop. If you notice within 30 days that the Genii bulletproof glass does not like, you can make use of our right of withdrawal. Just contact us and you will get a quick help for your request!


Which accessories for iPhone protection do you need?

In addition to a bulletproof glass, which is transparent and easy to install, a case for iPhone must not be missed, because a bulletproof glass or a protective film protects the display. Immediately after purchasing your new gadget, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy, we recommend that you consider protecting your device from damage. For the iPhone, we recommend iphone repair dubai.


The whole gadgets, such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy plus series but also iPad, belong to a high price range. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest a few euros in the protection accessories than to have to pay several hundred euros for the repairs later.

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