The 21st Century faces the biggest crisis in the modern history of mankind. “History repeats itself”, but this pandemic is already taking serious of damages in the society all across the countries. 

We are bound by fate to go through changes in life. Our normal daily events switched lane and took another route, the past remains unchanged while our present continues to proceed and develop and our future shall lay foundation on faith hoping for a vaccination or a medication to fight the virus. 

As life proceeds and we move forward. Our cycle of life changes in this period of time. Going out is never the same as it was. Precaution is highly required to barricade the spread of the virus. Protecting mask gear, gloves, sanitizer and washing our hands daily became our primary concern in the midst of a pandemic. 

Work from home can be weary and tired. It can escalate to a lot of pressure. Food is the primary source which gives us strength and energy. It also provides us all the vitamins and medications which boost our immune system and enable our body to fight any kind of diseases.

It is highly important to stay healthy during this time. Consuming proper food and maintaining proper diet can lead to a healthy life. But, sometimes due to pending work, it can be hard to manage a proper time to eat, and, the only option left is to order food online

To Order food online during this period of time can be risky, but, we have the right to search the evidence on how the restaurants are taking precautions and whether they are following strict rules in maintaining social distance, regular temperature checkups, sanitization and every delivery person should wear masks and gloves.