Why is it Important to have Leadership Skills for Business Success?

What is a leader exactly? Is he just a good manager? It turns out that being a leader is not a function, nor an official title, but a set of behaviors and a charismatic attitude, which, in the end, make everyone want to listen and to surpass oneself.

The development of skills can be done through different means, even through professional training, but also conferences, coaching, professional forums, trade shows, formal or informal events and in all situations conducive to the exchange of good practices.

Importance of having Leadership Skills for Business Success

Skills development is an important issue for all professionals, but also for unemployed people who want to expand their field of opportunity.  By investing in skills development, partly through its training plan, the company increases its efficiency and the motivation of its employees. Thus, by focusing on the individual, the collective is positively impacted.

  • Mentoring Coaching: Coaching is designed to coach you and guide you in the context of a mission to accomplish in the short term; it allows you to develop the skills required for your job. Mentoring is based on a more personal relationship and supports you in your personal or professional development to help you gain self-confidence and independence.
  • Lectures: The lecture presents theoretical notions that will be put into practice in the professional context. It offers participants the opportunity to interact with each other and with the trainer for a better assimilation of knowledge.
  • Case Study: The case studies facilitate understanding of the theoretical notions; they allow the application of key concepts in the context of concrete cases generally drawn from real life.
  • Situational scenarios: the scenarios require the participants to play a role and to imagine different scenarios; they allow getting closer to reality.
  • Group work: group work is essential for learning, as it helps to intensify exchanges and compare points of view. This allows you to broaden your vision and open your mind to different approaches.
  • Distance learning: distance learning is an alternative to face to face training and represents a less restrictive alternative training solution, but requires excellent self-discipline.
  • Conference and trade fair: Conferences and exhibitions allow you to update your knowledge, to have the point of view of experts in their field and to meet your peers.

In conclusion:

Before leading a team, you were probably under the responsibility of a manager. What did you expect from your managers? What characteristics or qualities made them good managers in your eyes? Exemplary, integrity, a certain character and proven skills? Keep in mind the expectations you had then, what you have a special interest in and become the charismatic leader you would have liked at that time. In order to learn more about why leadership skills are necessary for business success you can follow the pioneers like Toronto based Sheldon Barris and others. Toronto based business leader Sheldon Barris Lawyer has carried on a multitude of other personal and business ventures and enjoyed success in not one, but two careers for more than three decades.

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