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Did you recognize there square measure several blessings changing documents like Word or PowerPoint to PDFs? Once a file is a born-again to a PDF it’s sometimes compressed, leading to a smaller file. Files saved as PDFs square measure self-contained and might be shared simply.  The recipient ought not to have constant program or hardware that the first file was created in. PDFs create it simple to transmit files between computers and mobile devices that have completely different applications.

As in implicit within the name, Solid Documents PDF to Word device is so a solid app that delivers a powerful conversion job. Far more than simply changing PDF files to Word, this app conjointly will conversion from PDF to PPT, XLS, etc. and might even online file converter all those back to PDF. So, you ought to not be bowled over by the name.

When tested, this app delivered a conversion potency that came to a touch getting ready to what Nitro PDF will do. Solid Document device did a superbly smart job with the extraction of each text and layout. This free file converter is very useful.

This stands out on behalf of me as a result of a few of the PDF conversion apps I tested did alright with text extraction and unsuccessful sadly with lines and graph. Some did fine with text and graphs however couldn’t act with pictures etc. If you want to do many more conversions then click on the link:

As per footage, I will not say a lot of regarding what this app can do as a result of in five tests (PDF files with texts, graphs, lines, and pictures), a pair of came out well with footage whereas the opposite three recorded some level of alterations.

If you’re trying to use this app for your file converter, you ought to be able to get the paid version between $39.95 to $80. If not, you’ll need to act with the watermark that comes with all the output.

Moving to the look, as is that the norm, an easy and economical interface is often higher than a much-clogged program. During this case, Solid Document device scores well. It’s a really direct approach that produces it simple for users to understand what to try and do and wherever to induce what.


  • Does Multiple Format Conversions
  • Easy-To-Use Interface


  • Relatively pricey

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