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At first glance, a MIDI controller and a digital piano may seem the same. However, the key MIDI controller is a device with piano or synthesizer style keys that does not have its own sound generation capability. Instead, it is a device that transmits data, usually through a USB, to external sound modules. A digital piano, on the other hand, is built to replicate the real acoustic experience of the grand piano, but with portable features. MIDI controllers work with different numbers of keys and 61-key models are current favorites. The best 61-key MIDI controller offers a number of advantages over its other 25, 32, 49 and 88 key models in terms of functionality and diversity of sound that make it the ideal choice for many musicians.

MIDI controllers are designed with specific functions in mind, so aspects such as the number of keys, pads, controllers, faders, sliders, and overall dimensions, together with their weight, influence the choice of a controller for your musical needs. Depending on the availability of functions, each model will offer specific functions for both performance and recording.

Novation Launchkey 61-Note MK2 Version
A MIDI controller that has it all: Synthesizer style keys, 16 drum pads, 9 faders, and 8 knobs to create incomparable pieces of art

Nektar Panorama P6
An excellent choice for those who play an acoustic piano: this controller features full-size weighted keys for a more genuine experience.

Akai Professional MPK261
This pick comes with 61 semi-weighted full-sized keys with pressure sensitivity allowing you to adjust it to your own preferences

M-Audio Code 61 Black
In addition to numerous buttons and faders, this item also has an X / Y touchpad for convenience

Alesis VI61
The 16 knobs, 48 ​​buttons and 16 drum pads of this controller give you the best variety of options that true professionals want



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