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Language plays a significant role in individual and social interaction, sharing and understanding. It’s typically treated as an emblem of identity. In the Muslim world, the Arabic language has a similar price. It does not solely represent their non-secular identity, however, allows them to grasp the word of God (The Holy Quran). In short, it’s the right language of Islam and therefore the basic necessity of each Muslim. Moreover, Arabic is among the 5 high languages of the globe, thus we should always suppose and are available forward for unfold of Arabic language within the Muslim world. This is often important as a result of the Muslim world, as a result of the speedy economic process, is losing its ties with Muslim traditions. This study in response to the realization of the actual fact that Muslims area unit losing our culture we have a tendency as nonsecular identity as a result of we aren’t solely learning English, however conjointly developing a replacement identity, that is, a contemporary tolerant person. The actual fact that Muslim belief and apply for fulfillment in Hereafter. The importance of Arabic and its understanding is vital for success in life when death. The study covers Pakistani establishments in Karachi that attached with Wifaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia (A board of Muslim and Arabic instructional institutes in Pakistan) and supply Arabic as language, it measures the effectiveness of such giving, outlines the problems of such giving and at last covers the educational outcomes of individual and still as in a cluster. The tactic used for conducting a study is thru survey and interview-based mostly quantitative strategies.

Addressing a graduation ceremony at Madressah Arabia Safroono at Gulabad as a chief guest, he aforesaid that nonsecular seminaries registered with Wifaqul Madaris were operating in keeping with laws of the country. Wifaqul Madaris result has announced result 2015 for middle, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, SSC, matric, fa, fsc, inter, intermediate, BA, MA has been declared on sixteen Gregorian calendar month 2015.

The operate was attended by students and lecturers of seminaries, native elders and oldsters of the scholars. Maulana Muhammad Azam of Karachi, Maulana Arshad Ali, Maulana Imran Haqqani et al. conjointly self-addressed the operate.

Mufti Hijabi termed the government’s attempt to modify the course of study of seminaries a conspiracy. He aforesaid that seminaries were the fortresses of Islam from wherever Muslim students and prayer leaders were graduated.

He is aforesaid that peace, brotherhood, loyalty, and humanity were the fundamental messages of Islam. He rejected the notion that seminaries were promoting violence, militancy, and narrowness.

“There is not any idea of narrowness in Islam and that we powerfully condemn it,” aforesaid Mufti Hijabi. He accessorial that students from the U.S.A., Europe, and Africa came to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for obtaining non-secular education.

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