5 essential gadgets you must have in 2019



Brands all around the world are just in a competitive race to bring out something new with every product launch. After all, it is the only way that they can stay ahead of their competition and grab the most market share. So, if you are also a tech buzz and want to get some of the latest gadgets, then here we have rounded up some of the best devices to have in 2019. One thing common in all the devices is that they are all ahead of their time.

Fitbit Alta HR

If you are looking for an amazing smartwatch then you should consider buying the Fitbit Alta HR. The reason why this smartwatch is so highly recommended is firstly the brand that it comes from. The second thing that should make you buy it is the long life of the battery. Unlike other smartwatches, you would get a week-long of battery with the Fitbit Alta HR. It keeps a track on everything from the steps, calories, health checks, heart rate and even the extra mini-goals that we all have in our day-to-day activities. It comes in multiple attractive colors.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Now, this one comes really handy! This iscup is a gift from God for all those who just can’t go about their day without having a cup of coffee. The basic function of the cup is to keep your coffee heated at an automated temperature and you can keep your beverage hot for an entire hour, without having to do numerous trips to the microwave. You can steep your tea in the cup as well. Although the Ember Cup has been in the market for a long time, the 14-ounce variant has been introduced very recently.


You need this laptop in your life if you have been thinking about going for a nice and fast machine. It is also known as the Anti-Mac because the functions that you would get in the DELL XPS wouldn’t be found in a MacBook. You can change the configuration options in it that also includes going for an anti-glare screen with an HD or even an UHD display. The laptop comes with a tiny bezel and there is webcam given above the display, making it to be a power-packed machine, getting things done efficiently. It also has an amazing Infinity Edge display and is known for its great speed since it is features the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors that make it faster than any of the other machine.

GE Color Changing Smart Bulbs

I’m pretty sure, no one thought that there would be a time when even the lights would be controlled through your voice. GE Smart Bulbs come with an impressive design and add a whole new definition to your house lighting. The device can be connected via Bluetooth and it can be controlled through numerous devices. You can control the lights even with a Google Assistant and the smart bulbs also support voice commands, which means that you don’t even have to get up to change the color of your lighting or the density of it.





It is certainly a cheaper version of the Air pods that has all the features, but yet come at a lower price. Unlike other earbuds that are just meant for running or when you are at the gym, the Jabra Elite definitely serves for the everyday purpose. The earbuds come with some amazing features that add for a great sound quality and a five hours backup battery life. Although the design of the earbuds are much great for running, but they have been tested for their audio and video sync on platforms like Netflix or YouTube. It is one of the best wireless headphones that are available in the market, and the best part of the earbuds is the reasonable price tag that it comes in.


Finding the best gadgets with some top-notch features and functionality isn’t always easy. Let’s face it, in this day and age, the devices are getting smaller and smarter. You might think that you have the latest technology in the smallest sized-device, but it isn’t the case so. For instance, take the example of smartphones like when the Samsung Galaxy A80 was launched or very recently, the iPhone 11 has made its mark in the market, it all comes with the latest technology. However, that would also get obsolete after a period of time or even months, if you will.

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